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Veronokis/Exorex vs Dovonex

clinical study Exorex and Dovonex control

observers do not know the grouping situation, random, compare a new type of 1% coal tar preparation (Exorex®) and calcipotriol cream (Dovonex®) Plaque psoriasis treatment.

Authors: S. Tzaneva, H. Hönigsmann, A. Tanew.
Special Environment Dermatology, Dermatology,
Vienna Medical School, Austrian University.


In a recent trial, a new, patented base fatty acid, 1% coal tar preparation (Exorex®)
has been found to be as effective as calcipotriol cream in the treatment of psoriasis.

Our objective is to explore a new cosmetics with its efficacy, safety and acceptability,
1% coal tar preparation Exorex®, and compare it with calcipotriol cream in more patients.

Patients and methods
Forty patients with chronic plaque psoriasis were included in this randomization, and the observers did not know the grouping situation.
In the comparison test, two comparable target plaques in each patient were treated twice daily with 1% coal tar preparation or calcipotriol cream. At the beginning of treatment, and at 2, 4,
6 and 8 weeks, the response to the treatment of Psoriasis Severity Index (PSI), the degree of erythema, infiltration, and the size of the psoriatic skin damage, are performed on a five-point scale. Determination.

In addition, all treatment-related side effects and cosmetic acceptability of the two
treatments are also recorded. The treatment is evaluated by the patient every second week. After complete or nearly complete clearance, the patient will be tracked until there is a relapse or the maximum period of 18 months.


38 patients completed the study. In the PSI based on the average ± SD of the trial results, the
coal tar penetrating emulsion was tried, and the original 9.2±1·5 was reduced to 3.0±2.9, and the calcipotriol cream was reduced to 2.8±2· 7.

The average PSI reduction between the baseline and the final assessment, there was no significant difference between the 1% coal tar penetrating emulsion and the calcipotriol cream (P=0.77). The average intra-individual difference in PSI score between 1% coal tar penetrating emulsion and calcipotriol cream was a score of 0.1 (95% confidence interval -0.84 + 0.63). There is no difference between observing relative to time until relapse. The pruritus was caused by 1% coal tar penetrating lotion in 4 patients, and one was caused by calcipotriol cream. Six patients pointed out that the 1% coal tar penetrating emulsion had an unpleasant odor, or stained with the 1% coal tar formulation, while one patient complained of the smell of calcipotriol cream.

Conclusion The

new 1% coal tar emulsion is considered to be as effective as calcipotriol cream for the treatment of psoriasis. Tolerability and cosmetic acceptability are better than calcipotriol cream. Considering that coal tar permeable milk is cheaper than calcipotriol cream, this new product has shown to be a very useful topical medicine for chronic plaque psoriasis.

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